Hard hitting, provocative, yet inspiring…


Ann offers keynote speeches in a wide variety of formats. Her talks centre on building organisations fit for the future challenges; preparing for scale up, transformation, customer experience, digital transformation and how work will change and businesses will need to adapt.

Interventions, presentations and talks can range from 15 to 90 minutes

Speaking from first hand experience…


Ann also offers longer ‘future-discovery’ sessions, workshops, seminars and some executive coaching with MD’s and CEO’s.

Talks have included:

  • Preparing for scale up
  • Humans are not FMCG
  • Building stronger Boards
  • Embedding Digital at Board level
  • Digital enables the human experience
  • Digital transformation is a leadership mindset not a tech challenge


“Ann has a wealth of first hand experience across the digital marketing mix and I have invited her to speak to my team on various subject areas across the digital sector. Her background in both working for high profile consultancies and leading agencies gives Ann the perfect platform to provide really engaging talks, case studies and is always bang on with the up to date trends.”

Simon Swan, MET Office

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