Which support is right for you?


If you are an entrepreneur or run an enterprise I can offer you bespoke tailor made coaching to support personal growth and/or the growth of your business.



Enterprise Owner


A half day face to face session

This is a half day face to face session designed to help you overcome a specific, time critical challenge that requires significant action to help you quickly get unstuck and focus on solving a problem and/or achieving a goal.

The session is designed to quickly unlock potential, get the creative juices flowing and help you find inspirational ideas. We will roll our sleeves up and dig deep into the issue. Its all about you and your enterprise and taking you to exactly where you need to go.

Generally, I usually meet clients in a beautiful, relaxed environment away from distractions so the session can be focused on you, your ideas and the outcomes you want.

You’ll end up with an action plan you can implement and access to further email support for another month after the session.

How much does it all cost?
This programme starts from £375 plus vat.


Entrepreneur coaching 6 sessions over 12 weeks OR 12 sessions over 6 months.

“ENABLE” allows you to personally stand back, reflect and consider your current focus and personal goals. It has been specifically designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners look at building their own personal capability. Ideal for those seeking some one on one time to improve personal skills and develop a leadership mindset.

The coaching is very much set around your objectives; helping you to remove barriers and achieve your targeted goals.

• Reflect on the goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months
• Understand what you can do to achieve them
• Discover how you are limiting yourself and how to overcome these barriers

How much does it all cost?
This programme starts from £600 through to £1200 for the 6 month programme. All fees are plus VAT (payment options available.)

Team Coaching


Team coaching program over 6 Months

 “GROW’ is a unique coaching programme designed specifically for the senior manager team in a small business that are looking to grow significantly. It is a hands-on programme created to meet the needs and reality of entrepreneurs that have the ambition to expand. This programme will help you put the solid foundations in place to grow, bringing the senior team with you.


• Strategy; get you and your company ready to scale
• Structure; define the right organisational needs to grow
• Leadership; understand your role as leader
• Team; create a high performing team
• Growth; define your path for growth
• Funding; find the right funding to scale

How much does it all cost?
This programme starts from £5000 plus VAT (payment options available.)


“Having spent time with Ann on our strategy, we were really impressed by how insightful her comments were and how able she was to spot, on the go, points/angles we’ve not considered before. She guided us through the programme, with her typical patience, humour and business wisdom that left us walking away with a clear idea of what/where/why and a sense of a strengthened passion and direction for our business.”

Andy Farmer, MD, MyOxygen Mobile Ltd

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