About me

I’ve been where you are and that experience makes a big difference….

With my unique and diverse experience, skills and success, I’m able to help entrepreneurs and executives build profitable, sustainable enterprises without compromising purpose and passion whilst maintaining integrity and identity.

My experience 

Have worked with entrepreneurs and enterprises for over 20years….


Whether its starting and rapidly scaling your enterprise, developing the skills to meet the challenges of growth, or, enhancing your ability to enable your expanding team to achieve more, I’ve developed a proven approach to individual and team coaching that delivers real results fast.

I’ve built several businesses and was a Consultant at PwC before setting up my latest coaching venture. I’m Co Founder of Holbirt too.

With my combined coaching experience and entrepreneurial insight, I support clients as they create and drive the enterprises they are passionate about.

My values & how I work?



I spend a lot of time listening and always go deep to understand your background and context of the problem/challenge or issue. 


Our sessions will stimulate your curiosity allowing you to explore and discover ideas and problems safely. 


We will create a productive place for you to flourish enabling you to be innovative, motivated & confident in making the changes you need to.



I work closely and with integrity in any engagement. All our work is confidential and treated with the utmost respect.


I have a reputation for building strong relationships. I can diagnose problems quickly. I do this by understanding context and listening intently to your perspective

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Location: Online & I have rooms in Bristol, Bath, London & Plymouth

Email: hello@annholman.co.uk

Coaching Hours: Monday – Wednesday 10am – 7pm



Thought provoking, challenging, yet inspiring…


I offer keynote speeches in a wide variety of formats. My talks centre on building organisations fit for the future challenges; preparing for scale up, transformation, customer experience, digital transformation and how work will change and businesses will need to adapt.

Interventions, presentations and talks can range from 15 to 90 minutes

Speaking from first hand experience…

I also offer longer ‘future-discovery’ sessions, workshops, seminars and some executive coaching with senior executives, trustees and NED’s.

Talks have included:

    • Building a sustainable business model
    • Humans are not FMCG
    • Managing the chasms of scaling
    • Embedding Digital at Board level
    • Owning your own accomplishments and developing your worth
    • The cycle of leadership
    • Moving from chaos to leadership


“Ann has a wealth of first hand experience across the digital marketing mix and I have invited her to speak to my team on various subject areas across the digital sector. Her background in both working for high profile consultancies and leading agencies gives Ann the perfect platform to provide really engaging talks, case studies and is always bang on with the up to date trends.”

Simon Swan, MET Office

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