Charities will have to become more human focused, the more we automate. For too long we have been delivering tech solutions because we can, not because we should. Thats about to change. The conversation has moved and we are talking more about solving human problems with tech, than designing tech for humans to adapt to. Its a natural progression.

Digital has, for a while, thought its sole responsibility was delivering for the customer, yet experience has taught that having a classy, seamless approach to customers is almost worthless if it doesn’t deliver for the employee and the charity too. I built this model a while ago and its not finished, it will evolve, but its an attempt to encourage organisations to think about the experience first rather than the device, the tech or the gimmick.

Step 1 – Build great employee/volunteer experiences through outstanding leadership, a culture that embraces digital, employee journeys that map what employees need and want, transparent and appropriate processes to support those journeys, not the other way round.

Outcomes: Employee/volunteer engagement, loyalty, motivation, inspired. Keeping the best talent.

Step 2 – Design great customer experiences through data analytics that you turn into insight helping you make better decisions, customer journeys that map what the customer wants not what you think they need and processes to support those journeys, not the other way round.

Outcomes: Revenue growth, deeper understanding of customers, retention of customers, increased spend over the customer lifecycle.

Step 3 – By bringing customers, employees and volunteers together in a decentralised way you create world class innovation through the development of hot groups, incubators and the culture being naturally innovative.

Outcomes: Competitive edge, reduced cost, ability to change quickly, better ideas, different ways of looking at things.

Admittedly its not as linear as the steps suggest but competitive advantage + talent + revenue = sustainable charity. Customers, volunteers, and employees working together to innovate.