We need to stop creating and building things in isolation.

Any transformation, change or solution to solve a problem cannot be designed and developed in a detached manner. Do this and it becomes disconnected with the rest of the organisation. Too many websites, too many tech solutions and too many tactics being delivered without it being clear how we create, deliver and capture value.

I spoke to three people last week, two had recently commissioned new websites, another a new CRM solution. Not once had they been asked how the new site was going to create, deliver and capture value. Not once had they been asked about their business model, their strategy, nor, had any of the agencies demonstrated a business case for the new site. Its incredulous and a dereliction of duty as specialists in our areas. And, we’ve all seen this with other projects. This is not a bashing exercise, its one of clarity for people who are making risky, expensive and huge transformational decisions.

Every time we get someone to change something we need to challenge the following:

  1. How it is going to help us capture more value in the business than it already has? The business model.
  2. Being more precise, how does it fit into our business strategy that will deliver our business model?
  3. Where is the business case – how do the numbers/performance improvement KPI’s stack up?

The business model above is one I’ve used with SME’s and growing businesses for years now. Adapting to meet specific circumstances. Don’t spend significant funds on a project that is going to transform the way you do things without understanding how it is going to increase revenue, improve people capability and/or improve operational efficiency. Any great supplier will do this instinctively.

Its amazing how many leaders haven’t grasped this over the last few years and then wonder why the change fails to deliver.