Ann Holman

Balancing purpose,

passion and profit

“What’s the critical voice in your head saying about this situation?”

“What is the most important problem you want to solve?”

“What do you need to focus on right now?"

What I offer

If you are an entrepreneur or run an enterprise I can offer you bespoke tailor made coaching to support personal growth and/or the growth of your business.

Entrepreneur Coaching

This program combines the power of coaching, collaboration, step-by-step direction, and accountability to help you achieve your immediate goals and strategic vision for your business.

This program supports entrepreneurs and enterprise owners on a one on one basis that are committed to the highest level of excellence in all aspects of building a business that creates ultimate lifestyle and financial freedom.

Enterprise Team Coaching

Enterprise coaching is a unique, customised coaching program designed specifically for your senior executive team in an enterprise that is looking to grow significantly.

It is a hands-on program in a group setting, created to meet the needs and reality of entrepreneurs that have the ambition to expand. This program will help you put the solid foundations in place to grow, bringing your team with you.

How does it work?

My approach is supportive, encouraging and performance orientated.  I’ve found a productive way of hitting the ground running with my clients that enables us to quickly get right down to the challenges and learning required to enhance your mindset and/or skillset


We start with a 90 minute planning session that clearly identifies what it is you need to focus on. Together we’ll complete a coaching profile form that helps us to concentrate on your purpose, values, priorities, self awareness and specific challenges.


We then meet usually once a month for 90 minute coaching sessions where we discuss progress, explore challenges and provide the accountability you need to keep you on track and execute your plan.


In our final session, we spend a further 90 minutes reviewing and evaluating your progress and all that you have learnt from what is a significant experience. We will conclude with your next stage action plan that you will be able to deliver, or, you we can discuss further coaching to support other goals.


I’ve been where you are and that experience makes a big difference…

With my unique and diverse experience, skills and success, I’m able to help entrepreneurs and executives build profitable, sustainable enterprises without compromising purpose and passion whilst maintaining integrity and identity.



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