“Digital transformation is not just about customers.”

"Business growth requires a different mindset, different skill set & different behaviours"

"Not one aspect of the customer experience must be difficult. Not one bit...”

"Shape the entrepreneurs wings, don’t clip them during growth"

“Sustained results are at the core of everything I do…”

I help business leaders deliver rapid, visible performance improvements that strengthen the business and positions it for gorwth. I’ve worked as a Senior Consultant at the C Suite level both in the private and public sector for over 25 years including running my own business. My results based approach delivers improved performance in growing businesses & charities by enhancing revenue generation, people capability, operational efficiency, cost reduction and corporate governance.

My key skills lie in business mentoring, strategy, building digital capability at Board Level and supporting significant change.

I’m a NED at Doit.Life and an Ambassador for the Big Youth Group.

Building stronger boards and business

Business Mentoring

I help people build stronger companies and Boards. My experience enables me to bring clear strategic thinking and direction. I can identify blind spots and challenge the status quo, bringing a fresh perspective. I do this through coaching and mentoring…….

Digital Adviser to Boards

As well as being a NED, I advise SME’s and the third sector on being digital. I help create their future digital vision and support Boards, Senior Leadership Teams and Trustees in implementing digital across the organisation through strategy, tactics and training…….


I offer challenging, stimulating talks in a wide variety of formats on business growth, leadership, customer, digital and the future of work. Interventions, speeches and presentations are inspiring and motivating. They can range from 15 to 90 minutes…….

Some of the organisations I have worked with

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The latest thinking on Boards, Business, Digital and Leadership 

Digital is about human experiences

Charities will have to become more human focused, the more we automate. For too long we have been delivering tech solutions because we can, not because we should. Thats about to change. The conversation has moved and we are talking more about solving human problems...

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